The election and the Judiciary Committees

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The Nevada State Assembly gained one Democrat and lost one Republican.  The list below shows the composition of the Assembly Judiciary Committee in 2007 and the election status of its dawnload

2007 Assembly Judiciary Committeeht-track dawnload

Democratsht-track dawnload

Bernie Anderson - reelectedht-track dawnload

William Horne - reelectedht-track dawnload

Marcus Conklin - reelectedht-track dawnload

Susan Gerhardt - did not seek reelection, April Mastroluca (Democrat) won the seatht-track dawnload

Mark Manendo - reelectedht-track dawnload

Harry Mortenson - reelectedht-track dawnload

John Oceguera - reelectedht-track dawnload

James Ohrenschall - reelectedht-track dawnload

Tick Segerblom - reelectedht-track dawnload

Republicansht-track dawnload

Francis Allen - defeated in primary, Richard McArthur (Republican) won the seat ht-track dawnload

John Carpenter - reelectedht-track dawnload

Ty Cobb - reelectedht-track dawnload

Ed Goedhart - reelectedht-track dawnload

Garn Mabey - did not seek reelection, John Hambrick (Republican) won the seat ht-track dawnload

 ht-track dawnload

The State Senate saw a major shift in power last night as two Republican seats were lost to Democrats, resulting in the Democrats now controlling the Senate with a 12-9 majority.  This should result in a change in the number of senators for each of the parties for the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The 2007 committee members were the following:ht-track dawnload

2007 State Senate Judiciary Committeeht-track dawnload

Democratsht-track dawnload

Terry Care - not up for reelectionht-track dawnload

Steven Horsford - reelectedht-track dawnload

Valerie Wiener - reelectedht-track dawnload

Republicansht-track dawnload

Mark Amodei - not up for reelectionht-track dawnload

Maurice Washington - not up for reelectionht-track dawnload

Mike McGinness - reelectedht-track dawnload

Dennis Nolan - not up for reelection  ht-track dawnload


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