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Monday, November 3msn mobail

US Supreme Court hears argument in Wyeth v. Levine (actions under state law for ineffective drug laws), Ysursa v. Pocatello Education Association (1st Amendment and payroll deductions for political contributions), and Carcieri v. Kemprthorne (tribal trust lands).msn mobail

Nevada Supreme Court holds en banc oral arguments.msn mobail

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Tuesday, November 4msn mobail

Election daymsn mobail

US Supreme Court hears argument in FCC v. Fox Television (fines for broadcast of isolated expletives), US v. Eurodif (contracts for uranium and anti-dumping laws) and Jimenez v. Quarterman (whether the reinstatement of an appeal under Texas law tolls or restarts the one-year deadline to file a habeas petition under federal law).msn mobail

Nevada Supreme Court holds en banc oral arguments, including arguments in Mack v. Estate of Mack and Higgs v. State.msn mobail

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Wednesday, November 5msn mobail

US Supreme Court hears argument in Negusie v. Mukasey (federal immigration law and refugees who in engaged in persecution due to threats of death or bodily harm) and Van de Kamp v. Goldstein (whether supervising district attorneys possess absolute immunity against claims they failed to ensure line prosecutors disclosed constitutionally required information to criminal defendants).msn mobail

Bar Admissions Ceremony - Northern Nevadamsn mobail

 msn mobail

Thursday, November 6msn mobail

Nevada Supreme Court opinion release daymsn mobail

 msn mobail

Friday, November 7msn mobail

Bar Admissions Ceremony - Las Vegasmsn mobail

Clark County Bar Association - New Admittees and Meet Your Judges Celebrationmsn mobail

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