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Monday, December 8224636

United States Supreme Court order release day.  There were no new cert. grants.224636

United States Supreme Court hears argument in Peake v. Sanders (veterans' benefits & statutory notice) and Pacific Bell v. linkLine Communications (antitrust).224636

Tuesday, December 9224636

United States Supreme Court hears argument in Arizona v. Johnson (frisk of a passenger in a car w/ no reason to believe the passenger committed a crime) and Cone v. Bell (state's suppression of evidence of drug use in a capital case).224636

Wednesday, December 10224636

United States Supreme Court hears argument in Ashcroft v. Iqbal (suit against former AG & FBI director re: allegations of racial and religious discrimination) and AT&T v. Hulteen (Pregnancy Discrimination Act).224636

Nevada Supreme Court hears oral argument in Klein v. Rapoport, Tenneson v. Foster and Clark Co. School Dist. v. Virtual Education Software224636

CLE - Ethics Seminar.  Federal Public Defender's Office at noon.224636

Thursday, December 11224636

Nevada Supreme Court opinion release day.224636

State Bar CLE on Ethics and Practice Management224636

Friday, December 12224636

NACJ Holiday Party at Tom Pitaro's house.224636


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