Bills to watch

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The legislative session starts in a few weeks.  There are a number of Assembly bills worth watching for those practicing criminal law:macro knight online

AB1 - Prohibits certain demonstrations at a funeral, memorial service or ceremony.macro knight online

AB17 - Revises provisions concerning persons who steal parts of streethlights and traffic-control devices.macro knight online

AB33 - Revises provisions governing subsequent convictions of battery which constitute domestic violence.macro knight online

AB34 - Authorizes prisoners in certain state correctional institutions or facilities to use certain electronic communication devices under certain circumstances.macro knight online

AB 35 - Revises provisions governing petitions by offenders under lifetime supervision for release from lifetime supervision.macro knight online

AB 36 - Revises provisions pertaining to lifetime supervision of sex offenders.macro knight online

AB 38 - Provides that sex offenders who are under lifetime supervision must not have their civil rights automatically restored.macro knight online

AB 45 - Requires the State Public Defender to provide defense services to indigent persons in counties without county public defender offices and to fully fund such services.  Note - this title is misleading as this bill also addresses counties with public defender offices and would impact every county in the state.  This is a biggie.macro knight online

AB 46 - Makes various changes concerning the right of certain persons to purchase or possess a firearm.macro knight online

AB 47 - Revises provisions relating to specialty courts.macro knight online

AB49 - Authorizes a board of county commissioners, under certain circumstances, to provide a civil penalty in lieu of a criminal penalty for the violation of certain ordinances.macro knight online

AB50 - Prohibits certain demonstrations at a funeral, memorial service or ceremony.macro knight online

AB63 - Makes various changes to provisions regarding justice courts.macro knight online

AB64 - Increases the number of judges in the Second and Eighth Judicial Districts.macro knight online

AB65 - Provides for the collection and disposition of additional court fees.macro knight online

AB77 - Revises provisions governing the unlawful killing or possession of wildlife.macro knight online

AB81 - Makes various changes relating to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History.macro knight online

AB83 - Makes various changes concerning the reporting and investigation of allegations of child abuse and neglect.macro knight online

AB85 - Revises provisions relating to sex offenders.macro knight online

AB88 - Establishes a civil remedy for a person who was a victim of a sexual offense which was use to promote child pornography.macro knight online

AB92 - Revises the provisions governing the benefits of a retired justice or judge.macro knight online

AB93 - Revises the definition of the crime of assault.macro knight online

AB99 - Makes various changes relating the security and safety of participants in the legal process.macro knight online

AB104 - Revises the provisions governing the failure to appear in court for the commission of certain misdemeanor traffic offenses.macro knight online

AB105 - Makes various changes concerning genetic marker testing in certain criminal defendants.macro knight online

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