More bills to watch

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Assembly Bills on file were reviewed yesterday.  Today the Senate:cite

SB3 - Creates the Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice. cite

SB33 - Revises the provisions governing the administration of programs for the treatment of alcoholism or drug abuse for certain offenders with third offenses of driving under the influence.cite

SB34 - Makes certain changes concerning the use of court reporters in certain court proceedings.cite

SB35 - Repeals the provision that prohibits the prosecution of a person in this State for a crime after the person is convicted or acquitted of the crime in another state, territory or country.cite

SB45 - Revises provisions relating to certain criminal cases involving older persons and vulnerable persons.cite

SB51 - Revises provisions governing the subpoenaing of public utility records by a law enforcement agency.cite

SB60 - Revises provisions governing buildings, motor vehicles and other property that has been used in crimes involving methamphetamine or certain other substances.cite

SB82 - Makes various changes relating to technological crime.cite

SB84 - Authorizes cities to create departments of alternative sentencing.cite

SB85 - Revises provisions relating to the financial support of regional facilities for the detention of children.cite

SB93 - Excludes the judiciary from certain provisions concerning access to public records and handling of personal information.cite

SB100 - Revises the provisions governing the period of revocation of a driver's license upon conviction of certain offenses involving driving under the influence.cite




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