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Tuesday, February 17 - 8:00 Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and ProbationAB 35 (Revises provisions governing petitions by offenders under lifetime supervision for release from lifetime supervision); AB 36 (Revises provisions pertaining to lifetime supervision of sex offenders); AB 38 (Provides that sex offenders who are under lifetime supervision must not have their civil rights automatically restored).

Tuesday, February 17 - 8:30 Senate Committee on JudiciarySB 34 (Makes certain changes concerning the use of court reporters in certain court proceedings); SB 100 (Revises the provisions governing the period of revocation of a driver's license upon conviction of certain offenses involving driving under the influence).

Wednesday, February 18 - 8:00 Assembly Committee on JudiciaryAB 1 (Prohibits certain demonstrations at a funeral, memorial serivce or ceremony); AB 45 (Requires the State Public Defender to provide defense services to indigent persons in counties without county public defender offices and to fully fund such services); AB 105 (Makes various changes concerning genetic marker testing of certain criminal defendants).

Wednesday, February 18 - 8:30 Senate Committee on Judiciary.  SB 84 (Authorizes cities to create departments of alternative sentencing). 

Thursday, February 19 - Nevada Supreme Court opinion release day

Thursday, February 19 - 8:00 Assembly Corrections, Parole and Probation.  AB 78 (Requires the State Forester Firewarden to establish and carry out a program for operating conservation camps); Audit Report - Dept. of Corrections, Inmate Programs, Grievances, and Access to Health Care.

Thursday, February 19 - 8:30 Senate Judiciary Committee.  SJR 1 (Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to replace the State Board of Pardons Commissioners with the Clemency Board appointed by the Governor); SJR 9 (Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to allow the Legislature to establish an intermediate appellate court).

Friday, February 20 - 8:00 Assembly Judiciary Committee.  AB 27 (Clarifies requirements and procedures for obtaining a Nevada identity theft passport); AB 46 (Makes various changes concerning the right of certain persons to purchase or possess a firearm); AB 61 (Requires notification of certain victims of crime of the discharge, conditional release or escape of certain persons from the custody of Mental Health officials).

Friday, February 20 - 8:30 Senate Judiciary Committee.  SB 44 (Designates certain employees of the Department of Corrections as category II peace officers); SB 99 (Limits the peace officer powers of taxicab field investigators).

Friday, February 20 - 10:00 - 1:00 Indigent Defense Commission Meeting

Oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court will resume on February 23.

The Nevada Supreme Court will hear its next oral arguments on March 2.


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