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Monday, February 23 - US Supreme Court hears oral argument in United States v. Navajo Nation and Rivera v. Illinois (whether the erroneous denial of a defense peremptory challenge is subject to harmless error analysis).

Monday, February 23 8:30 - Assembly Judiciary Committee: AB 114 (Makes various changes concerning compensation to victims of crime); AB 116 (Revises provisions concerning compensation for victims of crime); AB 120 (Makes changes concerning orders for protection of victims of sexual assault).

Monday, February 23 9:00 - Senate Judiciary Committee: SB 125 (Prohibits the unauthorized possession, reading or capturing of another person's personal identifying information through radio frequency identification); SJR 2 (Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the selection of justices and judges).

Tuesday, February 24 - US Supreme Court hears oral argument in Burlington No. & Santa Fe R. Co. v. United States and Shell Oil v. United States and hears argument in Carlsbad Technology v. HIF Bio.

Tuesday, February 24 8:00 - Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation: AB 81 (Makes various changes relating to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History); AB 117 (Makes various changes relating to prisoners and parole).

Tuesday, February 24 8:30 - Senate Judiciary Committee: SB 130 (Revises certain provisions governing certificates of permission to perform marriages); SB 141 (Enacts the Uniform International Wills Act).

Wednesday, February 25 - US Supreme Court hears argument in Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Flores-Figueroa v. United States (whether the federal crime of aggravated identity theft requires the Government to show that the defendant knew that identification he used belonged to another person).

Wednesday, February 25 8:00 - Assembly Judiciary Committee: no criminal law bills.

Wednesday, February 25 1:30 - Senate Committee on Government Affairs: Discussion of issues related to public employees' compensation levels, benefits and retirement and overview of related reports issued by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday February 26 - Nevada Supreme Court opinion release day

Thursday, February 26 8:30 - Senate Judiciary Committee Work Session:

S.B. 34 Makes certain changes concerning the use of court reporters in certain court proceedings.

S.B. 35 Repeals the provision that prohibits the prosecution of a person in this State for a crime after the person is convicted or acquitted of the crime in another state, territory or country.

S.B. 44 Designates certain employees of the Department of Corrections as category II peace officers.

S.B. 45 Revises provisions relating to certain criminal cases involving older persons and vulnerable persons.

S.B. 55 Makes various changes concerning commercial recordings.

S.B. 67 Revises provisions governing declarations of homestead. 

S.B. 82 Makes various changes relating to technological crime.

S.B. 83 Makes various changes relating to the regulation of gaming. 

S.B. 99 Limits the peace officer powers of taxicab field investigators. 

S.B. 101 Makes various changes relating to securities. 

S.B. 106 Revises provisions governing the purchase of a home or improved lot that is adjacent to open range.

S.B. 107 Limits the liability of certain nonprofit organizations and their agents, employees and volunteers under certain circumstances. 

S.B. 113 Creates statutory subcommittees of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice.

Thursday, February 26 approx 9 am - Assembly Judiciary Committee Work Committee:

A.B. 27 Clarifies requirements and procedures for obtaining a Nevada identity theft passport.

A.B. 63 Makes various changes to provisions regarding justice courts.

A.B. 88 Establishes a civil remedy for a person who was a victim of a sexual offense which was used to promote child pornography.

A.B. 93 Revises the definition of the crime of assault.

A.B. 104 Revises the provisions governing the failure to appear in court for the commission of certain misdemeanor traffic offenses.

Thursday, February 26 1:00  - Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice's Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice.

Friday, February 27 8:00 - Assembly Judiciary Committee: A.B. 64 (Increases the number of judges in the Second and Eighth Judicial Districts); A.B. 65  (Provides for the collection and disposition of additional court fees); A.B. 102 (Revises provisions governing problem gambling).

Friday, February 27 8:30 - Senate Judiciary Committee -  SB 142 (Establishes the crime of criminal gang recruitment) and other non-criminal law related bills.

The State Bar of Nevada will hold its February 2009 Bar Examination on Tuesday, February 24, Wednesday, February 25 and Thursday, February 26.

Broadcasts of Legislative Committee Meetings are available here.


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