US Supreme Court issues 2 opinions

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Pleasant Grove City, Ut v. Summum - 9-0 opinion authored by Justice Alito.  Concurring opinions by Justices Stevens (joined by Justice Ginsburg), Scalia (joined by Justice Thomas), Breyer and Souter.  Government bodies may accept permanent religious monuments in public parks without violating the rights of others who are denied a chance to have a different religious monument share space in the public space.  Such a monument, whether it is government financed or privately donated, is "government speech" which conveys a message that it wishes to get out about "esthetics, history, and local culture."  A religious sect, the Summum, contended that its Free Speech rights were violated when a city accepted a Ten Commandments monument in its public park but refused to accept a Seven Aphorisms monument.  Justice Alito's opinion found that the Free Speech Clause does not apply to the messages of government and rejects Summum's argument that placement of a monument in a public park involves private speech in a public forum.  Justice Alito also noted that the government is not free to convey messages that violate the Constitution's ban on official establishment of religion, but that was not at issue in the Summum case.  Inclusion of the lyrics to "Imagine" by John Lennon, at pages 12 and 13 of the opinion, is a nice touch for any Supreme Court opinion.

Pacific Bell Telephone Co. v. linkLine Communications - 9-0 opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts.  Concurring opinion by Justice Breyer.  Sherman Act and price squeezing.  Sorry - I have a brief due and no time to decipher this one.


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