US Supreme Court issues 3 opinions

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United States v. Hayes - a 7-2 opinion authored by Justice Ginsburg - a 1996 federal law prohibiting possession of guns by a person convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence applies whenever the victim was in fact the wife or other family relative of the offender.  The domestic relationship must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt but it is not a necessary element of the predicate crime.  It is sufficient for the government to charge and prove a prior conviction that was, in fact, an offense committed against a spouse or other domestic victim.

Ysursa v. Pocatello Education Association, 6-3 opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts - the Constitution allows a state government to ban payroll deductions for labor union political activities when the ban applies to the paychecks of local government workers.

Carcieri v. Salazar (Interior Secretary), 6-3 opinion authored by Justice Thomas - the Court limits the federal government's authority to take parcels of land and put them into trust for the benefit of Indian tribes.  This power only applies to tribes that were officially recognized by the government in 1934.

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