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Monday, March 16 - Assembly Judiciary Committee (AB244, AB250, AB253)

Monday, March 16 - Nevada Supreme Court Oral Arguments

1:00 Hannon v. State - whether police officers were justified in entering the Appellant's apartment over his objection after they were dispatched there on a domestic violence call.

1:30 McGee v. State - whether the district court erred in not allowing an instruction to the jury based on the Appellant's contention that she was involuntarily intoxicated.

Tuesday, March 17 - Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation (AB228, AB265)

Wednesday, March 18 Assembly Judiciary Committee (AB251, AB257, AB271)

Thursday, March 19 - Nevada Supreme Court Opinion Release Day

Thursday, March 19 - Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation (AB252, AB259, AB279)

Friday, March 20 - Assembly Judiciary Committee (AB237, AB264, AB280)

Oral arguments will resume at the US Supreme Court on March 23.


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