US Supreme Court issues 4 opinions

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Vermont v. Brillion - The Vermont Supreme Court held that counsel assigned to represent an indigent client were state actors for the purpose of a speedy trial violation and attributed delays caused by assigned counsel to the State for analysis under the Barker v. Wingo test.  The US Supreme Court reversed this holding and held that assigned counsel, just as retained counsel, act on behalf of their clients and delays sought by counsel are ordinarily attributable to the defendants they represent.  The Vermont Supreme Court also failed to adequately take into account the role of the defendant's own disruptive behavior (he had six attorneys - he "fired" one and threatened to kill another).  Delay resulting from a systemic breakdown in the public defender system, however, could be charged to the State.  The opinion was authored by Justice Ginsburg.  Justice Breyer authored a dissenting opinion that was joined by Justice Stevens.

Kansas v. Colorado - calculation of witness fees for cases within the Supreme Court's original jurisdiction.  Justice Alito authored an opinion for the unanimous Court.  Justice Roberts authored a concurring opinion which was joined by Justice Souter.

Vaden v. Discover Bank - arbitration, federal claims and jurisdiction.

Bartlett v. Strickland - redistricting and the Voting Rights Act.  In a 5-4 decision the Court holds that the federal voting rights law does not require the creation of a new legislative district when that would include a racial minority group that has less than 50 percent of the population, as a remedy when minority voters' rights have been diluted.  Scotusblog provides analysis of the decision.

The Court granted certiorari in one case - Jones v. Harris Associates.  It addresses shareholder claims and the Investment Company Act.  Scotusblog provides links to the opinion below and cert. filings.


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