Report exams life sentences in America: lots of Nevada info.

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via Sentencing Law and Policy, The Sentencing Project issued a new report yesterday: No Exit: The Expanding Use of Life Sentences in America,  Nevada is featured throughout the report, and not in a good way.  Among its other findings:

In five states--Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and New York--at least 1 in 6 people in prison are serving a life sentence.  In Nevada, 16.4 percent of the prison population is service a sentence of life or life without the possibility of parole -- that is 2,217 people.  450 people, or 3.3% of the prison population, are serving an LWOP sentence. 

Juveniles serve life sentences in nearly every state, but more than 50% of the national population is located in five states: California (2,623), Texas (422), Pennsylvania (345), Florida (338), and Nevada (322).  Given our relative population to these other states, this is shocking.  69 of these juvenile offenders are serving LWOP sentences.

Looking at overall life sentences, the report notes that in four states, more than 10% of the life population were juveniles at the time of their offense. These states are Nevada (14.5%), Nebraska (13.2%), Maryland (11.6%), and Arizona (10.4%).  Nevada leads the country in this shameful statistic.

Racial, ethnic and gender data are also provided.



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