Nevada Supreme Court issues 3 opinions

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Sonia F. v. Dist. Ct. - The Court finds that Nevada's rape shield law, NRS 50.090, applies only to criminal proceedings and not civil cases.  The district court, however, may limit discovery of an alleged victim's sexual history in a civil case under NRCP 26

Bower v. Harrah's Laughlin - These consolidated appeals involve civil claims by hotel guests against Harrah's casino in Laughlin as the result of a brawl between the Hell's Angels and Mongols.  The appeals concern the issue preclusion doctrine under Nevada and federal law, rehearing of a summary judgment motion, intervening causes, and awards of attorney fees.


Dobron v. Bunch - This appeals concerns whether a guarantor of a loan may be held liable for attorney fees incurred by a lender in defending a usury action brought by borrowers.

The Court's last published opinion in a criminal case was issued on July 30, 2009.



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