Nevada Supreme Court amends rule 30 re: appendix

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The Nevada Supreme Court has amended NRAP 30(f).  The new rule is effective January 1, 2010 and now provides for the filing of an electronic copy or a cd-rom of the appendix:

(f) Number of Copies to Be Filed and Served.

(1) Paper Copies.  One paper copy of the appendix filed with the clerk, and one copy shall be served on counsel for each party separately represented, unless the court orders otherwise.

(2) Electronic Copies.  A party represented by counsel must submit every appendix on a CD-ROM, and serve a CD-Rom version on all opposing counsel, in addition to filing the required number of paper copies, unless the appendix has been electronically filed in the Nevada Supreme Court or counsel certifies that submitting a CD-ROM version of the appendix would constitute extreme hardship.  A party not represented by counsel who has been granted permission to file documents in proper person under NRAP 46(b) is encouraged, but not required, to submit and serve a CD-Rom version of the appendix, in addition to filing the required number of paper copies.



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