Judicial Dept. Filings - last day

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Candidates have file for judicial seats:

Supreme Court Seat A - Justice Hardesty

Supreme Court Seat E - Justice Parraguirre

Dept. 26 - Bruce Gale, Kurt Harris, Gloria Sturman

Dept. 27 - Nancy Allf, Blain Beckstead

Dept. 28 - Lucinda Coumou, Jack Howard, Ronald Israel

Dept. 29 - Kenneth Pollock, Susan Scann

Dept. 30 - Michael Davidson, Patricia Palm, Jerry Wiese

Dept. 31 - Phil Dabney, Joanna Kishner, Joshua Kunis, Marc Risman

Dept. 32 - Rob Bare, Donn Ianuzi, Ellen Stoebling

Family Dept. A - Bill Voy

Family Dept. B - Gloria Sanchez

Family Dept. C - Steve Jones, Maria Maskall, Denise Pifer

Family Dept. D - Robert Teuton

Family Dept. E - Chuck Hoskin

Family Dept. F - Ellen Bezian, Bill Gonzalez

Family Dept. S - David Churchill, R. Nathan Gibbs, Ethan Kottler, Tony Liker, Greta Muirhead, Vincent Ochoa, Rebecca Wallace

Family Dept. T - John Jensen, Terrance Marren, Michele Mercer, Gayle Nathan, Carl Piazza

Justice Court 2 - Joseph Sciscento

Justice Court 3 - Tony Abbatangelo, Lary Lamoreux, Janiece Marshall, Nicholas Perrino

Justice Court 4 - Melissa Saragosa 

Justice Court 6 - William Kephart, Kristine Kuzemka, Rachael Stafford

Justice Court 7 - Karen Bennett, Robert Kurth

Justice Court 9 - Joe Bonaventure

Justice Court 10 - Melanie Andress-Tobiasson

Justice Court 13 - Suzan Baucum, Frank Coumou, James Gubler, Jonathan Schulman, Richard Scow

Justice Court 14 - Colby Beck, Amber Candelaria, Conrad Hafen, Bernie Zadrowski

Searchlight - Stanton Colton, Richard Faber, Richard Hill, Dave "Batman" Thompson

Washoe County District Court Dept. 15 - David Hardy

Washoe County Family Court 5 - Deborah Schumacher

Washoe County Family Court 11 - Chuck Weller

Reno Justice Court Dept. 2 - Pete Sferrazza

Reno Justice Court Dept. 3 - Jack Schroeder

Reno Justice Court Dept. 4 - Cotter Conway, Eric Nickel, Scott Pearson, Lewis Taitel

Reno Justice Court Dept. 5 - David Clifton

Sparks Justice Court, Dept. 2 - Kevin Higgins, Christian Wilson



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