Nevada Supreme Court issues 3 opinion

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In Foster v. Dingwall, the Nevada Supreme Court clarifies the procedure set forth in Honeycutt v. Honeycutt, which concerns NRCP 60(b)(2) motions.  The filing of a notice of appeal does not toll the time for a NRCP 60(b) motion.

The Court also issued a second opinion in Foster v. Dingwall, which concerns the strikingo of a pleading as a discovery sanction and the burden of proof for an NRCP 55(b) prove-up hearing to establish a default.

The Court issued an opinion in NAIW v. Nevada Self-Insurers Association.  It addresses NRS 616C.110 and whether activities of daily living are proper considerations in workers' comp. actions.


I have a brief due today, so you're on your own for reading these.  If anyone sees anything with application to criminal cases, please let me know.


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