Oral argument calendar: April 15

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In re Challenge to the Candidacy of Amber Lynn Candelaria,
Docket No. 55714
Las Vegas - 9:30 a.m. - Full court (Justice Gibbons has voluntarily recused himself)

Amber Lynn Candelaria is appealing from a district court order to remove her name from the primary election ballot as a candidate for justice of the peace in Las Vegas Township.  NRS 4.010(2)(a) requires candidates for justice of the peace in areas with higher populations to be licensed attorneys for at least five years before election or appointment. Candelaria was admitted to the Nevada bar in October 2006.  In January 2010, Candelaria filed her declaration of candidacy for justice of the peace.  Bernard Brownislaw Zadrowski, who is running for the same justice court seat, challenged Candelaria's eligibility through the Clark County District Attorney's Office.  The district court concluded that Candelaria did not meet the candidacy requirements.  ISSUES:  Is NRS 4.010(2)(a) ambiguous?   Is NRS 4.010(2)(a) constitutional? 

Briefing is available at the Court's website.  In a footnote to the scheduling order the Court asks DA David Roger to inform the Court by 5 p.m. on 4/14/2010 an affidavit or declaration under oath specifying all actual times required for the preparation, printing and circulation of ballots relating to this matter.

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