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Justice Hardesty will become the Chief Justice in  2009.DFX 7.3 hacked

Margaret Rudin will receive a new trial.  Duh.  Who didn't see this coming.  Apparently Chris Owens, who stated to the RJ "I think it's a joke that the taxpayers will have to fund a new trial for someone who had three attorneys."  Gotta wonder if Mr. Owens would be so openly critical of a judge who was not retiring.   And for that matter, what about the joke on the taxpayers who had to fund the trial for Bryan Crawley, who received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole following a month long trial - the same sentence he would have received had the Clark County District Attorney's Office agreed to plea the case prior to trial in lieu of seeking the death penalty.  At a time when there is serious consideration of laying-off teachers and refusing hospital services because of financial concerns, did the D.A.'s office really need to incur well over $100,000 on behalf of the taxpayers in a case which could have easily been resolved prior to trial?DFX 7.3 hacked

The Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment has issued its Final Report to the General Assembly.  The Commission recommends abolishment of capital punishment after exploring racial disparities, jurisdictional disparities, socio-economic disparities, a comparison of costs associated with the death penalty, a comparison of the effects of prolonged court cases, the risk of innocent people being executed, and other issues.DFX 7.3 hacked

The Death Penalty Information Center has issued its Year End Report.  The Center notes that 2008 saw a 30-year low in new death sentences for the county at 111.  There were 284 death sentences in 1999.  There were 4 exonerations in 2008 and 37 executions, 95% of which were in the South. DFX 7.3 hacked

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Lt. Governor Krolicki indicted

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The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that a grand jury has indicted Nevada Lieutenent Governor Brian Krolicki with four felony charges: two counts of misappropriation and falsification of accounts by a public officer and two counts of misappropriation by a treasurer.  The Las Vegas Sun also reports on the indictment.

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