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It's news to me as I don't remember any postings or requests for input from the public or bar, but on November 18, 2008, the Nevada Supreme Court entered an Order Amending Eighth Judicial District Court Rules 1.53, 1.61, 1.64, 1.65, 1.92, 1.93, 5.28 and 7.2.  The amendements are effective 30 days from the date of the order.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.53 concerns court employee participation in employee organizations regarding terms and conditions of employment.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.61 concerns assignment of business matters.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.64 concerns assignment of criminal cases.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.65 concerns assignment of and lack of peremptory challenges in constructive defect matters.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.92 concerns actions for medical or dental malpractice.phonealarm register serial

Rule 1.93 concerns the process for the removal and discipline of a pro tempore judge pursuant to Short Trial Rule 3(c).phonealarm register serial

Rule 5.28 concerns withdrawal of an attorney in limited services ("unbundled services") contracts.phonealarm register serial

Rule 7.20 concerns the form of papers presented for filing, exhibits, documents, and legal citations.  Documents must now include counsel's fax number and e-mail address.  Exhibit numbers should be placed on an 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet of white paper immediately preceding the exhibit for copies to be filed with the court clerk.  If a courtesy copy is delivered to chambers, all exhibits must be clearly divided by a tab. phonealarm register serial

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