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Jon Ralston will examine issues concerning Judge Mosley on tonight's Face to Face.  The description in the Las Vegas Sun looks interesting.

Campaign & Expense Reports #2 Filed

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The deadline for candidate Campaign & Expense Report #2 was yesterday, October 28.  The available reports show the following contributions for the period of August 1, 2008 to October 23, 2008 and the total contributions to date:bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Nevada Supreme Court Seat Dbot of KRO

Mark Gibbons - $138,600/455,450bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 6bot of KRO

Elissa Cadish - $56,944/135,737bot of KRO

Ben Childs - $5,927.57/11,352 bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 7bot of KRO

Linda Bell - $37,095/146,823bot of KRO

Robert Spretnak - $1,475/10,733bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 8bot of KRO

Josh Kunis - $4,050/68,412bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 10bot of KRO

William Kephart - $129,950/263,900bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 12bot of KRO

Kurt Harris - $2,700/11,850bot of KRO

Michelle Leavitt - $66,653/224,592bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 14bot of KRO

Chris Davis - $27,753/64,266bot of KRO

Donald Mosley - $37,155/124,910bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 17bot of KRO

Bruce Gale - $1,930/1,900bot of KRO

Michael Villani - $62,045/175,781bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 23bot of KRO

Jason Landess - $0/100,389bot of KRO

Stefany Miley -  $52,950/197,290bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Dept. 25bot of KRO

Kathleen Delaney - $20,950/not providedbot of KRO

Susan Scann - $62,803/157,003bot of KRO

 bot of KRO

Reports on other candidates are available from Clark County and the Nevada Secretary of State. bot of KRO

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