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The Nevada State Assembly gained one Democrat and lost one Republican.  The list below shows the composition of the Assembly Judiciary Committee in 2007 and the election status of its members.easy crafts

2007 Assembly Judiciary Committeeeasy crafts

Democratseasy crafts

Bernie Anderson - reelectedeasy crafts

William Horne - reelectedeasy crafts

Marcus Conklin - reelectedeasy crafts

Susan Gerhardt - did not seek reelection, April Mastroluca (Democrat) won the seateasy crafts

Mark Manendo - reelectedeasy crafts

Harry Mortenson - reelectedeasy crafts

John Oceguera - reelectedeasy crafts

James Ohrenschall - reelectedeasy crafts

Tick Segerblom - reelectedeasy crafts

Republicanseasy crafts

Francis Allen - defeated in primary, Richard McArthur (Republican) won the seat easy crafts

John Carpenter - reelectedeasy crafts

Ty Cobb - reelectedeasy crafts

Ed Goedhart - reelectedeasy crafts

Garn Mabey - did not seek reelection, John Hambrick (Republican) won the seat easy crafts

 easy crafts

The State Senate saw a major shift in power last night as two Republican seats were lost to Democrats, resulting in the Democrats now controlling the Senate with a 12-9 majority.  This should result in a change in the number of senators for each of the parties for the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The 2007 committee members were the following:easy crafts

2007 State Senate Judiciary Committeeeasy crafts

Democratseasy crafts

Terry Care - not up for reelectioneasy crafts

Steven Horsford - reelectedeasy crafts

Valerie Wiener - reelectedeasy crafts

Republicanseasy crafts

Mark Amodei - not up for reelectioneasy crafts

Maurice Washington - not up for reelectioneasy crafts

Mike McGinness - reelectedeasy crafts

Dennis Nolan - not up for reelection  easy crafts

Judicial Elections 2008

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Supreme Court Seat Beasy crafts

Kris Pickering - 41.98%easy crafts

Deborah Schumacher - 39.07easy crafts

None - 18.95easy crafts

Supreme Court Seat Deasy crafts

Mark Gibbons - 54.83easy crafts

Thomas Christensen - 25.22easy crafts

None - 19.94easy crafts

 easy crafts

District Court Judgeseasy crafts

District 8, Dept. 6easy crafts

Elissa Cadish - 64.78easy crafts

Benjamin Childs - 35.22easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 7easy crafts

Linda Bell - 71.22 easy crafts

Robert Spretnak - 28.78easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 8easy crafts

Doug Smith - 70.22easy crafts

Josh Kunis - 29.78easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 10easy crafts

Jessie Walsh - 51.95easy crafts

William Kephart - 48.05easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 12easy crafts

Michelle Leavitt - 67.24easy crafts

Kurt Harris - 32.76easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 14easy crafts

Donald Mosley - 59.06easy crafts

Chris Davis - 40.94easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 17easy crafts

Michael Villani - 62.15easy crafts

Bruce Gale - 37.85easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 22easy crafts

Susan Johnson - 82.13easy crafts

Donn Ianuzi - 17.87easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 23easy crafts

Stefany Miley - 70.37easy crafts

Jason Landess - 29.63easy crafts

District 8, Dept. 25easy crafts

Kathleen Delaney - 62.24easy crafts

Susan Scann - 37.76easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Geasy crafts

Dianne Steel - 64.59easy crafts

Amy Mastin - 35.41easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Ieasy crafts

Cheryl Moss - 68.48easy crafts

Greta Muirhead - 31.52easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Jeasy crafts

Kenneth Pollock - 52.31easy crafts

Lisa Kent - 47.69easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Keasy crafts

Cynthia Giuliani - 53.37easy crafts

Vincent Ochoa - 46.63easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Leasy crafts

Jennifer Elliott - 73.79easy crafts

Dawn Throne - 26.21easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Neasy crafts

Mathew Harter - 53.22easy crafts

Gayle Nathan - 46.78easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Oeasy crafts

Frank Sullivan - 54.56easy crafts

Ron Israel - 45.44easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Qeasy crafts

Bryce Duckworth - 53.57easy crafts

Carl Piazza - 46.53easy crafts

District 8, Family Div. Reasy crafts

Bill Henderson - 61.87easy crafts

Chuck Hoskin - 38.13easy crafts

District 1, Dept. 2easy crafts

Jim Wilson - 51.93easy crafts

Noel Waters - 48.07easy crafts

Distict 2, Dept. 4easy crafts

Connie Steinheimer - 71.15easy crafts

David Neidert - 28.85easy crafts

District 2, Dept. 6easy crafts

Brent Adams - 64.16easy crafts

Greg Zunino - 35.84easy crafts

District 2, Dept. 9easy crafts

Robert Perry - 57.35easy crafts

Elliott Sattler - 42.65easy crafts

District 2, Dept. 14 Family Div.easy crafts

Linda Gardner 75.47easy crafts

Roger Harada 24.53easy crafts

District 3, Dept. 1easy crafts

David Huff - 55.59easy crafts

Jack Kennedy - 44.41easy crafts

District 3, Dept. 2easy crafts

Leon Aberasturi - 59.29easy crafts

John Schlegelmilch - 40.71easy crafts

District 3, Dept. 3easy crafts

William Rogers - 53.44easy crafts

Thomas Stockard III - 46.56easy crafts

District 4, Dept. 1easy crafts

Mike Memeo - 59.29easy crafts

Mark Torvinen - 47.71easy crafts

District 5, Dept. 1easy crafts

John Davis - 62.30easy crafts

Marla Zlotek - 37.70easy crafts

District 6, Dept. 2easy crafts

Michael Montero - 64.67easy crafts

Kent Maher - 35.33easy crafts

 easy crafts

 easy crafts

 easy crafts

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