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The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Daniel Bogden for Nevada's U.S. Attorney position.

Las Vegas Municipal Court George Assad has issued a letter of apology, pursuant to an order in June 2008 by the Nevada Supreme Court, to a woman who was detained until her boyfriend showed up in court to take of his unpaid traffic tickets.

The Ninth Circuit issued an opinion today in US v. Juvenile Male, in which it finds that part of the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act is unconstitutional as applied to former juvenile offenders.


A bad few days for a few Nevada judges

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The Nevada judiciary has had better weeks.

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline has issued its Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Imposition of Discipline against Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  The bottom line of the 28 page order is that the Commission finds that Halverson violated multiple sections of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct and that she lied under oath during the evidentiary proceedings, and concludes that she should be permanently removed from judicial office.

Also of note, is the possibility that Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Abbatangelo may be charged with battery domestic violence.  The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Abbatengelo's wife, who is the sister of District Court Judge Michelle Leavitt, has accused Abbatengelo of choking her last Wednesday and physically abusing her over a two-year period.  District Attorney David Roger said that his office received the complain and will decide this week whether to file criminal charges against the judge.

Finally, Michael Mosley, son of District Court Judge Donald Mosley, is in custody based upon an allegation that he was driving a truck involved in street racing which resulted in a crash and the death of a 15-year old girl.  He was not the driver of the truck which flipped over, killing Olivia Hyten.



Del Vecchio Removed From Bench

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The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Family Court Judge Nicholas DelVecchio was removed from office today by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.  He ntered a plea of no contest to 11 counts of violating judicial ethics rules.  His term was to have expired at the end of the year.  He was defeated for re-election in the primary.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that 27 of 38 charges were dropped against Family Court Judge Nicholas Del Vecchio, including accusations that he sexually abused his ex-wife's 14-year-old daughter.  The Judicial Discipline Commission did not state why the charges were dropped.  It also notes that settlement in the case will be discussed today.


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