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Family Court Judge Vacancies Announced

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From the Nevada Supreme Court:inurl: viet

The Honorable Sandra Pomrenze and the Honorable Stefany Miley were elected to the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada, Department P and Department 23, respectively, vacating the judicial positions in Departments E and F, in the Eighth Judicial District Court Family Division. The Commission on Judicial Selection is now accepting applications for these positions in Departments E and F.inurl: viet

Applications may be obtained via the Supreme Court website at The last day upon which your application may be filed is Friday, December 19, 2008, at 5:00 p.m. Applications may only be submitted in hard copy. Deliver or send the completed application to the Commission Secretary in accordance with the instructions within the application. (NOTE: use only the application provided for this vacancy.)inurl: viet

Recently, the Commission revised its rules to provide for a more open selection process. New Rule 3(C) provides that certain information disclosed on the application, which is not considered confidential, can be made available to the public. New Rule 4(D) also provides that interviews of candidates, discussion of qualifications and balloting for nominations shall be held in public session. inurl: viet

A complete copy of the new rules can be found at the Nevada Supreme Court website located at: viet

The membership of the Commission consists of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, lawyers, and laypersons. If you have any questions, please call Janice Frayo at the Administrative Office of the Courts at (775) 684-1706. inurl: viet

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District Court Assignments

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The Eighth Judicial District Court has issued new case assignments and new criminal track information.inurl: viet

All Criminal Casesinurl: viet

Donald Mosleyinurl: viet

Kathy Hardcastleinurl: viet

Civil and Criminal Casesinurl: viet

Ken Coryinurl: viet

Valorie Vegainurl: viet

Doug Herndoninurl: viet

Jackie Glassinurl: viet

Elissa Cadishinurl: viet

Jennifer Togliattiinurl: viet

Elizabeth Gonzalezinurl: viet

Michelle Leavittinurl: viet

Michael Villaniinurl: viet

David Barkerinurl: viet

David Wallinurl: viet

Valerie Adairinurl: viet

Stefany Mileyinurl: viet

James Bixlerinurl: viet

All Civil Casesinurl: viet

Linda Bellinurl: viet

Doug Smithinurl: viet

Jessie Walshinurl: viet

Mark Dentoninurl: viet

Abbi Silverinurl: viet

Tim Williamsinurl: viet

Allan Earlinurl: viet

Susan Johnsoninurl: viet

Kathleen Delaneyinurl: viet

Some people might wonder why it is that experienced judges Mosley and Hardcastle have a full time criminal calendar, despite their previous experience in handling civil cases, while other judges who have primarily criminal law backgrounds, such as judges Smith and Silver, have been assigned all civil caseloads.  Chalk it up to a system of decisions-made-by-seniority rather than decisions-made-by-logic.  In any event, there are new assignments on the track system for criminal cases:inurl: viet

Track 1 - LVJC 1 (Lippis) to DC 5 (Glass) or DC 9 (Togliatti)inurl: viet

Track 2 - information not availableinurl: viet

Track 3 - LVJC 3 (Abbatangelo) to DC 11 (Gonzalez) or DC 3 (Herndon)inurl: viet

Track 4 - HJC 3 (GIbson) & LVJC 4 (Saragosa) to DC 2 (Vega) and DC 23 (Miley)inurl: viet

Track 5 - LVJC 5 (Jansen) & NLV 3 (Lee) to DC 14 (Mosley)inurl: viet

Track 6 - LVJC 6 (Oesterle) & NLV 2 (Tyrrell) to DC 1 (Cory) or DC 24 (Bixler)inurl: viet

Track 7 - LVJC 7 (Bennett-Haron) & HJC 2 (George) to DC 12 (Leavitt) or DC 18 (Barker)inurl: viet

Track 8 - LVJC 8 (Zimmerman) & NLV 1 (Dahl) to DC 20 (Wall) or DC 21 (Adair)inurl: viet

Track 9 - HJC 1 (Burr) & LVJC 9 (Bonaventure) to DC 6 (Cadish) or DC 17 (Villani) inurl: viet

Track 10 - LVJC 10 (vacant) & Rural Justice Courts to DC 4 (Hardcastle)inurl: viet

Las Vegas Justice Court Departments 2 and 10 are vacant due to the election of Abbi Silver and Doug Smith as district court judges.  This report does not provide tracking information about Departments 11 (Eric Goodman) and 12 (Diana Sullivan).  I don't know what this means.inurl: viet

A bad few days for a few Nevada judges

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The Nevada judiciary has had better weeks.inurl: viet

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline has issued its Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Imposition of Discipline against Judge Elizabeth Halverson.  The bottom line of the 28 page order is that the Commission finds that Halverson violated multiple sections of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct and that she lied under oath during the evidentiary proceedings, and concludes that she should be permanently removed from judicial office.inurl: viet

Also of note, is the possibility that Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Abbatangelo may be charged with battery domestic violence.  The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Abbatengelo's wife, who is the sister of District Court Judge Michelle Leavitt, has accused Abbatengelo of choking her last Wednesday and physically abusing her over a two-year period.  District Attorney David Roger said that his office received the complain and will decide this week whether to file criminal charges against the judge.inurl: viet

Finally, Michael Mosley, son of District Court Judge Donald Mosley, is in custody based upon an allegation that he was driving a truck involved in street racing which resulted in a crash and the death of a 15-year old girl.  He was not the driver of the truck which flipped over, killing Olivia Hyten.inurl: viet

 inurl: viet

 inurl: viet

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