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After two days of interviews with 27 candidates, the county's eight-member Judicial Selection Committee made 9 of them finalists for two open Las Vegas Justice of the Peace positions.
The nine finalists are Lynn Avants, Patrick Ferguson, Osvaldo Fumo, James Gubler, Jonathan MacArthur, Vincent Ochoa, Lynn Robinson, Joseph Sciscento, and Melanie Andress Tobiason.
The committee will meet again in a few weeks after completion of candidate background checks and will conduct more indepth interviews with the nine. It will then narrow the list to six, whose names will be forwarded to the Clark County Commission.
The Commission will then select two to fill vacancies left by the election of Abbi Silver and Doug Smith to the District Court. The two appointees will serves as Justices of the Peace until January 2011, at which time those positions will be filled by whomever wins the November 2010 elections for those two positions.

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