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Mandatory e-filing begins Feb. 1

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Pursuant to Administrative Order 09-12, electronic filing will be mandatory in the Eighth Judicial District Court on February 1, 2010 for all Civil and Domestic case filings.

Criminal filings will continue to be accepted over the counter at this time and may also be electronically filed.

Our current E-File vendor is Wiznet. Their website address is; their customer service telephone number is (800) 297-5377.

The court will provide a limited number of workstations for filing in the Courthouse for use by pro se litigants.

If you have any questions about the Court's requirements or processes, you can contact the Eighth Judicial District Court's Wiznet desk at 702-671-0514 (Civil/Criminal) and (702) 455-5941 or (702) 455-2357 (Family).

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