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Monday, February 9 - 8:30 Assembly Judiciary Committee Meeting.  Overview of Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History, Presentation on the Regulation of Gaming, and BDR Introductions.

Monday, February 9 - 9:00  Senate Judicary Committee Meeting (no criminal law issues).

Tuesday, February 10 - 8:00 Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation.  Presentations by the Department of Corrections and Parole and Probation.

Tuesday, February 10 - 8:30 Senate Judicary Committee MeetingSB 28 - Revises reporting requirements concerning missing persons and unidentified dead bodies; SB 83 - Makes various changes relating tp the regulation of gaming.

Wednesday, February 11 - Nevada Supreme Court Southern Panel Oral Arguments

Wednesday, February 11 - 8:00 Assembly Judiciary Committee Meeting.  Overview of Nevada's Court System, Overview of the Commission on Indigent Defense, Overview of the Commission on Preservation, Access and Sealing of Court Records.  AB 63 - Makes various changes to provisions regarding justice court; AB 65 - Provides for the collection and disposition of additional court fees.

Wednesday, February 11 - 8:30 Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting.  (No criminal law issues).

Wednesday, February 11 - 9:00 Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice's Subcommittee of the Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice.

Thursday, February 12 - Nevada Supreme Court opinion release day

Thursday, February 12 - 8:00 Joint Meeting of the Assembly Committee on Corrections, Parole and Probation and the Senate Committee on Judiciary.  Report on the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice.

Friday, February 13 - 8:00 Assembly Judiciary Committee MeetingAB 93 Revises the definition of the crime of assault; AB 99 Makes various changes relating to the security and safety of participants in the legal process; AB 104 - revises the provisions governing the failure to appear in court for the commission of certain misdemeanor traffic offenses. 

The US Supreme Court will resume oral arguments on February 23.

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