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US Supreme Court calendar: October 13-14

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Tues., Oct. 13:
Padilla v. Kentucky (08-651) -- effect of defense lawyer's wrong advice on consequences of a guilty plea
Smith v. Spisak (08-724) -- unanimity of jury as an issue in finding mitigating evidence in a capital case
South Carolina v. North Carolina (138 Original) -- participation of non-parties in Original cases

Wed., Oct. 14:

Alvarez v. Smith (08-351) -- right to court hearing to challenge forfeiture for a drug crime
Perdue v. Kenny A. (08-970) -- right of attorneys who win a case to receive higher fees

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Mon., Oct. 5:

Tues., Oct. 6:

  • United States v. Stevens (08-769) -- government power to criminalize videos and other depictions of animal cruelty
  • Johnson v. U.S.(08-6925) -- battery as a "violent felony" for sentence enhancement
  • Bloate v. U.S. (08-728) -- calculation of time of pre-trial stages under federal Speedy Trial Act

Wed., Oct. 7:

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