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This morning the Court issued an opinion in Abbott v. United States and Gould v. United States.  The Court held that a federal defendant is subject to the highest mandatory minimum specified for his conduct in 18 USC 924(c) unless another statute directed to conducted prohibited by 924(c) specifically imposes a greater mandatory minimum sentence.  The opinion was authored by Justice Ginsburg for a unanimous court.

The Court granted certiorari in Tolentino v. New York.  The case concerns the Exclusionary Rule and DMV records.

The Court also granted certiorari in Fowler v. United States.  The case concerns the federal death penalty and whether the Government presented sufficient evidence that the defendant committed murder with the intent to prevent a person from communicating information about a federal offense to a federal law enforcement officer or judge of the United States.

Briefs and lower court opinions are available at Scotusblog.

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